Goin’ Coastal Charters Frequently Asked Questions

1: Where are you located?

We are based out of Hickory Bluff Marina located at 307 Hickory Bluff Dr, Waverly GA 31565.  This is our primary departure location and the premier departure location for our St Simons Island Fishing Charters. We also offer Jekyll Island, Blythe Island Regional State Park, St Marys Water front, Cumberland Island and private Dock pick ups with prior arrangement.

2: Do I need a Fishing License?

No.  Goin’ Coastal Charters has a Charter License that will cover 6 paying customers on their boats.

3: Can I bring a cooler?

Coolers are always welcome.  Just check with Capt Scott before the trip and let him know what you will be bringing.   Keep in mind we always have two large coolers on the boat that will be iced down before every trip.

4: Do I need to bring my own poles and fishing equipment?

No.  We will supply everything you need for the day of fishing.  All the bait, rods, reels and tackle are supplied.  If you want to bring your own equipment that is fine, just check with Capt Scott before the trip and let him know.

5:  How much does it cost to have the fish cleaned?

We will clean and bag your fish for you free of charge.  We will typically fillet the fish but we can scale, gut and head them for you if requested.

 6:  How much should we tip and are they required?

Tips are totally optional and not required but appreciated.  If a mate is on board he works for tips only.  If he takes care of you, take care of him if you are satisfied with the job he did.  Keep in mind, his tip should not be based on the amount of fish caught.  That is the Capt’s responsibility.  Tips range from 10% of the trip to 30% of the trip cost.  It is totally up to you the amount that is tipped.

7: Why are your prices not on your website?

There are a lot of variables that go into pricing a St Simons Island Fishing Charter trip.  The length of the trip, type of fishing the customer wants to do, how many anglers will be on the boat, how far we have to go to find the fish,  any special request by the customers and a lot more.  A firm price will be given once we have had a chance to talk and decide on a game plan for your charter.  Given the state of the economy we are trying to hold our prices as low as possible.  I know a lot of customers like to plan their budget out for the entire vacation ahead of time.  As a general rule of thumb, for a party of 4 anglers you can expect to pay around $100 per hour of charter fishing.  This is not $100 per angler but a total charge per hour.

8: Will I be on the boat with people I don’t know?

No. All our charters are private charters.  We are not a “Head or Party” boat.  You are chartering the boat and crew for a private fishing adventure.

9: How many people can go on the charter?

6 customers are what most charters are licensed for.  Our boats are rated for more people than that but Coast Guard regulations prevent us from carrying more than 6 customers.  This does not include the Captain or the mate.

10:  What kind of shoes should I wear?

Wear the most comfortable shoes you have that have non-marking soles and can stand up to getting wet.  Tennis Shoes, Deck shoes, Flip Flops, are all acceptable.

11: Is smoking allowed on your boat?

Feel free to smoke if you want to.  While we are underway it might be a little hard to with the wind in your face.  Just respect the boat and watch out for ashes or hot butts getting on the upholstery or fiberglass.

12: Can we drink adult beverages on your boat?

Yes they are allowed as long as you are of legal drinking age.  Just maintain control and don’t let things get out of hand.  Enjoy yourself responsibly.  I would strongly advise staying away from Hard Liquor.  Keep in mind, the combination of the Sun and being on a boat tends to intensify the effects of alcohol.  If we get back to the dock and no one is sober enough to drive, I will call you a cab or take you to your vacation residence myself.  Your safety is my concern.

13:  What is your cancellation policy?

The Captain has the right to cancel the trip due to unsafe weather conditions or any other condition that could pose a danger to the guest or the crew.

We will be in communication with you a few days prior to the trip to discuss in detail the charter and any weather concerns that may effect the fishing Charter.  If you are making a special trip down to The Golden Isles just to go on this St Simons Island Fishing Charter I highly recommend you contact the Captain before leaving on your trip to get an update.

If the Captain cancels the trip there is no charge to the customers.

If the customers fail to show up for the charter with no notice the full amount of the charter will be charged to the Credit Card on file.

If the customer cancels the trip at least 7 days prior to the scheduled departure date there is no charge.

If the customer cancels the trip within the 7 day period prior to the trip the charge is 50% of the quoted price if we cant book another charter for that time slot.

We are understanding of emergencies and other issues that may occur and  we will work with the you to reschedule the trip and avoid the cancellation charge.

14: How do I pay for the Charter and is a deposit required?

We accept all credit cards as well as cash for payment of the charter.  We do not require a deposit but we do require a Credit Card and expiration date that we keep on file to hold the reservation.  The Credit Card is not charged or authorized prior to the trip.  After the trip we can leave it on the card we have on file, you can provide another card or cash is also accepted.

15: Do you guarantee we will catch fish?

No, no one can control when the fish will bite.  For a more detailed explanation please refer to my “How to Choose a Charter” page.  What we guarantee is we will do everything in our power to insure you get your monies worth on our charter.  The boat will be clean, in top working condition as will the crew and equipment. We spend at least 200 days a year on the water(would be more but we cant control the weather) on charters and on our off days staying on top of the fish and their patterns to insure we can give our customers the best bang for their buck.

16: Will I get sea sick?

I would recommend seeing your doctor for prescription patches or medicine if you are concerned about this.  I would stay away from Dramamine and recommend Bonine instead.  It has less side effects and is over the counter as well.  Take one the nite before and one before breakfast the morning of the trip.  As with any medications, check with your Doctor before taking it.

17: Are children allowed on the boat?

Absolutely.  We love to take children fishing and seeing their faces light up when they catch a fish.

Children 10yrs of age and under must wear a life vest while under way and I would suggest they wear one all the time while on the boat.  We provide them for the children and will insure they are properly fitted and secured before we leave the dock.

Myself and crew conduct ourselves professionally all the time while on the boat, you don’t need to worry about harsh language or unprofessional conduct around your children.  We have all undergone background checks and have children of our own.

We will make the fishing experience for them fun and educational and make them fishermen for life!

18: Do you take pictures while on our trip?

Every effort is made to take pictures and video of the trip which we will forward to you upon request.  Unless asked not to, some of the pictures and video may be posted on our website or blogs in fishing reports or photo galleries.

19: Does travel time to and from the fishing grounds count in the total time of the Charter?

Yes.  When we leave the dock and the return trip counts in the total time of the charter.  All this will be discussed when we decide on the type of trip you want to book.  At Goin’ Coastal Charters we are not clock watchers.  Our trips frequently run over the purchased time slot of the charter.  If we are having a good time and on some good fish, this extra time is on me.  I enjoy it as much as the customers do.  At any time during the trip the customer has the right to request additional time which can be negotiated with the Captain.  Occasionally we will have an afternoon trip booked and we may not be able to extend the trip.

20: And the most frequently asked question is : Do you have a bathroom on the boat?

No..we do not have an enclosed head on our boat.  We do have a Porta-Potty we can use if you need to go.  



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