Near Shore Fishing

St Simons Near Shore Fishing Charters

St Simons Near Shore  Fishing offers great fishing choices. Shark, Tarpon, Bull Redfish, Triple Tail, Spanish Mackerel and Whiting are the most frequent catches near the Golden Isles shoreline.

Bull Redfish

St Simons Bull Redfish Charters
Trophy bull Redfish St Simons Island Charters

When the bite is on for these brutes you will beg for mercy. Fished primarily in shallow waters on rips and sandbars these fish provide the fight and catch of a lifetime. They routinely are caught in the 30 to 40 pound range with a few coming in 50 plus pounds. The chance to catch a true trophy size fish make these fish a hot catch in the Fall and Spring spawning season. This is strictly a catch and release fish and care is taken to land and release the fish as fast as possible, so have your camera ready. St Simons Near Shore fishing for these bruisers is top notch and rivals any near shore fishing on the East Coast.


St Simons Charter Fishing Spinner Sharks
Huge Blacktip Shark caught off of Jekyll

Hard pulling reel screaming action is what you will get with these toothy critters. While on a St Simons Near Shore Fishing charter we fish for these in deep channels and behind shrimp boats. Black Tips, Bonnet Heads, Spinners, Hammerheads, Bull Sharks and Sharpnose are among the species of sharks plentiful in our waters. Spinners and Black Tips are a favorite target behind the shrimp boats and offer fast nonstop action with a few aerial displays thrown in for good measure. This trip is one of our most popular.


St Simons Island Tarpon Charter fishing
The Silver King caught with Goin’ Coastal Charters

St Simons Near Shore fishing for the Silver King who invades our waters in late spring and remains into September most years is very underrated. Elusive and sometimes hard to locate, hooking this fish can be a challenge and landing one equally as hard. It takes skill and a strong back to battle this giant. Be prepared to bow to the King as you watch the aerial displays and  screaming runs they make.


St Simons Island Whiting Charter fishing
Bull Whiting St Simons Island

These fish are found in great numbers of off St Simons and offer fast paced nonstop fishing once a large school is located. Caught on light tackle and relatively easy to find, this fish is always willing to fill a cooler.



St Simons Island Tripletail Charter fishing
Nice Tripletail caught off of Jekyll

These prehistoric looking fish are hard fighters and fun to catch on light tackle. There are two primary ways to fish for them. Sight fishing off of Jekyll and fishing around buoys and markers. Sight fishing for these aggressive fish involves drifting or slowly motoring thru the water until you spot one floating horizontally, tossing a shrimp under a popping cork in his path and waiting for him to take the bait, then the fun begins. Fishing around buoys and markers at slack tide generally produce larger fish and keeping them off the buoys and markers can be a challenge.


Spanish Mackerel

St Simons Island Spanish Mackerel Charter fishing
Spanish Mackerel Jekyll Island

Often overlooked in our St Simons Near Shore Fishing, this fish is plentiful from spring thru late fall. Trolling using Clark spoons and Christmas Tree rigs once the fish are located can make for non-stop action. They will typically hold near shore feeding on glass minnows and small bait fish. We look for birds feeding on the water and that will usually indicate where the fish are and we will troll or either cast small spoons into the feeding frenzy. Catching a large 5 to 6 pound Spanish on light tackle will prove challenging for the most experienced anglers.



St Simons Island Sheepshead charters
Sheepshead caught 8 miles offshore of St Simons Island

Sheepshead move to our Near Shore structure to spawn in early spring.  Within a quick boat ride from the marina we can be anchored up and fishing for the Reef Bandits within 30 minutes.  Using live Fiddler Crabs for bait, we will load the boat up with them with the average size on most days being 5lbs plus.  Some of the larger ones will tip the scale around 9lbs.  Get ready for some action!


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