Tripletail Trips

St Simons Island Fishing Charters for Tripletail

Tripletail Trips

These prehistoric looking fish are hard fighters and fun to catch on light tackle making them one of St Simons Island Fishing Charters most sought after game fish.  The conditions have to be just right with the sun high enough not produce a lot of glare on the water in order to spot these fish floating on the surface.

StSimons Tripletail Charters
Tripletail caught with Goin’ Coastal Charters

There are two primary ways to fish for them. Sight fishing off of Jekyll and fishing around buoys and markers. Sight fishing for these aggressive fish involves drifting or slowly motoring thru the water until you spot one floating horizontally, tossing a shrimp under a popping cork in his path and waiting for him to take the bait, then the fun begins.


St Simons Island Tripletail Charters
St Simons Island Tripletail

Fishing around buoys and markers at slack tide generally produce larger fish and keeping them off the buoys and markers can be a challenge.



Great tasting and fun to catch make this a very popular fish off of our coast. Generally they come in when the water temperature hits 70 degrees and stay around thru late summer and early fall.


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