Georgia Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Georgia offshore fishing charters are second to none. Targeting our seasonal fish that pass through our waters and also our year round fish populations make for a great day on the water. Our boats are fast and dry and will maximize your Georgia offshore fishing experience.


King Mackerel

St Simons island fishing for King Mackerel
Trophy King Mackerel Caught with Goin’ Coastal Charters

These fish migrate through our waters from early May and into October are typically caught trolling live bait or spoons near bait pods or around structure. Although in late summer the true “smokers” can be caught right off our coastline or in the shipping channels. Hard fighting and drag screaming runs are typical and make for an exciting trip. Once you hear the first zing of the line, you will be addicted.

Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel St Simons Island Charters
Nice 3lb Spanish Mackerel caught near St SImons Island

The smaller cousins of the King Mackerel, these fish are plentiful and can be caught using a variety of baits and presentations. Our favorite is the Christmas tree rigs with multiple hooks on it and also trolling a McDonalds Straw with a simple J-Hook. Once located the action is fast and furious.



St Simons Island Cobia Charter Fishing
35lb Cobia Caught St Simons Island Charter fishing

Every year our waters are invaded by Cobia. These sometimes finicky fish are challenging and fun to catch. Once hooked, they are like a prize fighter with a bad attitude. They will not give up and will test man and equipment. They frequent near shore reefs and buoys as well as offshore structure and can also be targeted following rays looking for an easy meal. They are a curious fish and will frequently come right up behind the boat to check us out, we always have a pitch rod set up to try and coax them into hitting our bait.

Red Snapper

St SImons Red Snapper Charters
Caught and released with Goin coastal Charters.

Plentiful on our reefs and Georgia offshore fishing structure, these fish are great fun to catch. With the current regulations in place, we can’t keep them but we still target them because they are so much fun to catch. Using jigs, live bait or cut bait will produce great numbers and arm bending action.


St Simons Island Charter fishing for Grouper
Gag Grouper deep Sea fishing St Simons Island

Found at our Georgia offshore fishing reefs and live bottom areas, these fish will provide even the most experienced angler a fight to the death. Using jigs, live bait, or cut bait and fishing on the bottom will produce the best results. Great eating and hard fighting make them the bottom fishing target we go after. Several species can be found off our coast with the GAGS being the most abundant.


St SImons Island sheepshead Charters
8lb Sheepshead Caught with Goin’ Coastal Charters

Using light tackle and fiddler crabs, these challenging to catch fish are always fun to target. Near Shore locations produce the best fish but they can also be caught around any structure inshore and offshore. Finesse fishing at its finest, some say you need to set the hook before they bite to catch these toothy critters. Great eating and abundant numbers in our waters, these fish are offer fun nonstop action.

Black Sea Bass

St Simons Island Sheepshead Charters
Knot Head Black Sea Bass St Simons Island Charters

Fishing for these near shore and offshore fish can be a great trip. The larger fish are located farther out in the same habitat as Grouper and Snapper and can be caught using the same methods. They taste great and fight like a fish twice their size. These fish make for a great kids trip at our near shore reefs since the action is fast and they will bite just about anything.


St Simons Island Amberjack charters
Speed Jigging Amberjack caught with Goin’ Coastal Charters

Sometimes called Reef Donkeys, these fish will run you around the boat and pin you to the gunwales. Jigging or live baiting produce the best numbers. Once you catch one you will know why they are called Reef Donkeys. They are stubborn and don’t come to the boat without you paying your dues. Great table fare make this a targeted species we go after on our Georgia offshore fishing charters.


St Simons Island Barracuda Charters
Big Barracuda Caught off of St Simons Island

Often overlooked as a great fighting sport fish, these pack hunters put up an amazing fight. Often getting air born and making long runs make these fish challenging and fun to catch. They will hit just about anything you put in the water and also make for some great tasting filets.


St Simons Island Deep Sea Fishing
Trophy Sailfish caught at Greys Reef

When the water warms up, always keep an eye out for the Sails. Rarely targeted but often caught when the conditions are right, it is a real treat to catch these trophy fish. Tail walking and grey hound runs are typical and a real treat to see once hooked up. 


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